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Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is required for content such as online databases, e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. Dynamic website pages are pages that allow a user to set preferences regarding what kind of information will be displayed.

There is a major difference between building a static website and building a dynamic website. A simple static website is an interactive information sheet of your products and services while a dynamic website is capable of engaging the visitor and impacting your business more dramatically.

Both types of web sites can be search engine optimized for a business presence worldwide via the Internet. If all you want to do is present information, then a static web site is all you need. Dynamic website is required for content such as e-business, collaborative and member-only content.

Dynamic Website Types

  • Database driven Website
  • e-Commerce Website
  • e-Business Website
  • Knowledge Base Website
  • Jobs Database.
  • Resume Database.
  • Member-only sites.

In an entirely dynamic website, all web contents are stored in a database and assembled into a web page when the page is requested. Dynamic web design is essential when frequent changes in the website content are required and also to reduce maintenance of the site for the users who do not know HTML.

In dynamic websites when the content is retrieved, it is merged with a template that provides components that are common to the whole site or sub sections of the site and also includes components that control the style of presentation for the user entered data.

Dynamic Web Application

Marvel's range of consulting technology and outsourcing services

Some of our activities include applications designed in

  • Portal application development.
  • Development of e-learning content management.
  • Maintaining and enhancing enterprise applications.
  • Increasing performance of aging applications.
  • Web enabling for increased visibility and usability.
  • Developing new, customized applications engineered for a perfect fit.
  • Redeploying a smoothly functioning body of enterprise application solutions.
  • Testing of developed applications.
  • PHP and MySQL development environment.
  • ASP.NET software development environment.
  • Ajax web design and development framework.
  • ASP.NET with VB.NET.
  • JAVA & advanced Java programming.
  • Database tools in Oracle, MS SQL SERVER & MySQL.
  • Software Testing and QA.
  • Open source ERP Products.

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